Father’s day and membership special!

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For those who missed the message, June is our special Barrie-only 2-for-1 membership sale: If you join the Green Party of Canada for $10, we’ll give you a membership to the Green Party of Ontario ($10 value) for free – or vice versa! Or, if you like, you can join either party and we’ll give your relative or friend the same membership for free!

In both cases, the $10 is considered a donation, so you get a $7.50 tax credit off your 2012 taxes. Net cost to you only $2.50!

Benefits of membership – to you:

– you get to have a say in the local activities, vote when choosing the local Green Party candidate & executive, and vote on setting the Green Party’s official policy

Benefits of membership – to the Green Party:

– the more members the Green Party has, the more credibility we get from the media and other parties – the more they will cover and adopt our positions

Benefits of membership – to the Barrie riding

– the more members we have, the more likely that Green Party leadership stars like Elizabeth May, Mike Schreiner, and Georges Laraque will visit Barrie!

All that for a mere $2.50! But this deal runs out at the end of June, so sign up now. You can do it online here http://bgrn.ca/MMPYwh, or call 705-730-7591.

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