New challenges

Dear Friend,

The Barrie Green Party has seen many challenges and victories over the past year. We elected our first Green MP, and locally we’ve recruited several enthusiastic newcomers to the Executive team.

With growth comes need for new infrastructure. Since we don’t have an office between elections, we rely heavily on our internet presence for organizing and reaching voters and for them to reach us, with websites, email lists, and online file-sharing tools. For the last few years, one of our supporters has generously hosted our website for free. Now we run three websites, and our needs are larger, we need both more space, and more bandwidth.

However, bandwidth and space are not free. We need your help.

For as little as $10 a month or a one-time donation of $120 you can help contribute towards our ongoing ability to communicate with voters in Barrie. After your tax credit, this costs you as little as $30 a year, or $2.50 a month.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Peter V. Tretter
President & CEO
Barrie Green Party


One time

Donate $120.00

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