Volunteer for membership

Volunteer for membership

So the last few months, the issue of folks who are low income (such as students) are occasionally finding it challenging to pay their annual membership fees to the two parties (the Green Party of Canada, and the Green Party of Ontario.) So this has necessitated us to find an alternative way for committed members to keep their membership(s) up to date.

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At our January executive meeting, we introduced a new volunteer for membership policy. Under this policy, folks can volunteer, and after they have met the hour requirement (10 hours for a Green Party of Canada membership, or 15 hours for a Green Party of Ontario membership) we will pay the membership fee on their behalf. Hours earned previous to application count up to one calendar year prior.

We are hoping this way it will encourage our good and active volunteers to remain active, as well as to encourage newcomers. Hours cannot be earned concurrently.

How can you apply? Download the application, fill it out, and then either give it to any member of the Executive in person, email it to our Volunteer Coordinator, or send it by postal mail to:

Barrie Regional Green Party
65 Cedar Point Dr. Suite 278
Barrie, ON L4N 9R3

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