Meet your Green Party Nominee Contestants at Donaleigh’s Irish Pub

Candidate Nomination Event, Wednesday June 19th, 2019, 6-9pm

Excitement is brewing among Barrie’s Greens as three candidates have been vetted by the national office of the Green Party of Canada to represent the riding of Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte (BSOM) in this Fall’s federal election. Fresh on the heels of PEI’s historic breakthrough where the Provincial Green Party now form the official opposition, Barrie Greens feel the appetite for a break from two-party politics could strengthen the party’s chances on the federal stage and specifically in the BSOM riding. The three candidate hopefuls are Stephan Kalmar, Andy Thomson and Marty Lancaster.

Save the date: The Green Party EDA for Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte will be hosting a public panel discussion on the Green Party’s ‘Mission Possible’ platform, followed immediately by the nomination meeting and AGM. The event is taking place on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 at Donaleigh’s Irish Pub at 7pm and will be followed by the vote at 8pm and subsequent AGM.

Those interested in meeting and voting for a candidate must be registered Green Party of Canada members by June 1st. The cost is $10 and can be done quickly at the Green Party of Canada website: Lapsed members are still eligible to vote if their membership is renewed before the nomination meeting from 6:00pm to 6:30pm. Feel free to bring your friends and family.

Event Schedule
6:00 Meet & Greet your candidate hopefuls, renew your membership, get your ballots
7:00 Land Acknowledgement by Vanessa Partridge, Barrie Native Friendship Centre
7:05 Introduction of Candidates & Candidate Speeches
7:30 Panel discussion of the Federal Green Party Platform Mission Possible with Candidate Q&As
8:00 EDA Annual General Meeting ~ BSOM EDA Members are welcome to attend

Event Location
Donaleigh’s Irish Public House | 28 Dunlop St. East, Barrie, ON L4M 1A3

For Immediate Release: The Green Surge

Green Party to nominate their candidate in Barrie Springwater Oro-Medonte
Green Party Barrie Springwater Oro Medonte Press Release June 9th, 2019
Announcement of Nomination contest for Wednesday, June 19th 2019.
Donaleigh’s Irish Public House, 28 Dunlop St. East, Barrie

With the green surge happening across the country and Greens being elected in all levels of government, it’s time to nominate your candidate in Barrie Springwater Oro Medonte. Three candidates have put their names forwards to represent the fastest growing party in Canada.

There is a real opportunity in our riding to elect Greens in 2019, the Greens have successfully elected second MP to parliament recently. Many provinces across Canada have elected green officials including right here in Ontario where Mike Schreiner leader of the provincial Greens was elected in Guelph. Their federal candidate is polling to do the same. That is not enough. In all ridings across Canada Greens are experiencing a surge of voters moving from the same two parties. In British Colombia Greens hold the balance of power. In Prince Edward Island Greens hold the official opposition. Not only have Greens been elected, they have earned positions of power and influence. Federal leader Elizabeth May presented a bill to introduce a strategy to handle the spread of Lyme Disease. It passed with unanimous support. Now we are giving you an opportunity to join the Green Surge and choose your candidate. Much needs to be accomplished and we need your support.

About the candidates:

Stephan Kalmar is a registered physiotherapist who is passionate about helping others regain their health and vitality. Stephan has been involved with the Barrie-Springwater-Oro-Medonte Green Party, as a member of the executive and director of volunteers. He has participated in clean up projects and has helped to promote the Green Party at local festivals and events. Stephan was an army and air cadet in his youth and is a member of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 147.

Stephan was drawn to the Green Party as they are the only party that has a plan to address the major issues involving our society in a fair and just manner which will benefit all Canadians, not just certain segments of the population. Of course, the Green Party is well known for its stance on the environment, however of special interest to Stephan are the policies on electoral reform and proportional representation, building a sustainable economy, ensuring a Guaranteed Livable Income, and a focus on preventative healthcare.

As a healthcare professional, he believes that it is much more cost effective and prudent to keep people healthy rather than treat them only when they are sick. The fact that only a very tiny percentage of the total health system funding is spent on health promotion is disappointing. We should be justifiably proud of our universal healthcare system, however there is certainly much to improve on. Stephan has been inspired by the success of the Green Party in BC, Ontario, New Brunswick, and PEI. He is proud to be a part of this movement which will bring about a real change in Canadian politics. ”

Andy Thomson is a ‘Green Architect’ based in Barrie. Thomson lived and worked in Stuttgart, and was amazed to see the choices available to Germans; inexpensive local organic food, reduced waste markets, re-usable containers for almost everything, electric cars, bike-friendly infrastructure and a strong emphasis on durable, attractive and super-energy efficient buildings. Andy believes that a failure to diversify the Canadian economy and promote higher standards of performance in a wide range of sectors including energy, has led to a lack of environmental choices for Canadians, resulting in increased utility and healthcare costs, and significant missed opportunities for innovation and green businesses. One example Andy cites; “We are importing advanced value-added timber products and triple glazed windows from Europe in order to achieve better building performance. We were founded on forestry yet we still export raw logs.”

Andy describes his ‘awakening’ when he was just ten years old, “It was just arer the oil shocks, I asked my uncle, what will happen when the oil runs out. He explained that was the wrong problem to focus on. That’s when he taught me about the Greenhouse Effect and planetary thermostasis. It was an epiphany for me and designing low-carbon buildings has been my lifelong imperative. My uncle was an oil man, the VP of Royal Dutch Shell for a period of over 15 years in the 1970’s and 80’s.” When asked why he has chosen to run, “Someone needs to take responsibility for the mess that we are in. I feel like I have seen what the future could be and I want desperately for a better life for all Canadians.”

Marty Lancaster ran in 2015 as the GPC candidate, and has thrown his hat in the ring for another chance to represent BSOM. He explains why he is running: “I want another shot” Marty worked tirelessly representing the Green Party last time. He proudly shared that we have the most comprehensive plans for the climate crisis, we also have costed out plans for everything from pharmacare, to the economy, and jobs. He “won” the debates, met numerous people who said “I’ll vote for you next time”, and wants to go collect those IOU’s. Marty can only assume people who voted for a different party last time are disappointed. He wants to go find them and bring them over to the green side.

Marty can do this because he is an example on how to live a greener life. A teacher at Bear Creek Secondary, a coach, an activist, a volunteer, and a GPC candidate. Marty often bikes to work, motivates students through physics and environmental science. His green club has fundraised and installed solar panels on the roof. This created $3000/year in proceeds that the students chose to use for planting a food forest, installing water bottle filling stations and other initiatives.

With Carrie, his wife of 20 years, they have been raising their 2 daughters; Kendra, 16, and Megan, 14, to be model citizens. Being good role models for them by showing that there are better ways: biking to work, and/or driving an electric car, obtaining one of the very first solar panel contracts in Ontario, planting fruit trees, using an electric mower, installing a solar hot water heater, Serving from 2010-2014 as the councillor for Ward 3 Oro-Medonte, working on the accessibility committee, and the NVCA board, and by spending many nights maintaining an ice rink for the people of Shanty Bay.