Five New Year’s Resolutions for Greens

So here we are in a brand new year, 2013. It gives us many new opportunities, and chances to

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barrie greens yard sale006 (Photo credit: BarrieGreens)

come up with sone unique resolutions to bring changes to both our lives, and our community.

5. Try to live our values. Ecological Wisdom – Take a few minutes to be a better steward. Non-violence – there are better ways than resorting to fists. Social Justice – Perhaps volunteer at the soup kitchen a few hours a month? Sustainability – Ride a bike when the weather is nice, or take public transit. Participatory Democracy – Join Fair Vote Canada to help with the effort to bring in electoral reform. Respect for Diversity – Canada is very lucky to be multicultural. Start a dialogue and make a few friends.

4. Purchase fair trade coffee/tea/hotchocolate. Barrie is a fair trade city, and it gives the people in the third world who make this a fair wage.

3.Remember your reusable bags. I don’t even remember my own when I got shopping, but this one is on my list to help be more sustainable.

2.Power – Hook up power bars and turn them off to eliminate phantom power, and/or switch to a company like BullFrog Power that offers renewable energy options.

1. Volunteer for the Barrie Green Party. We just introduced the Green Century Club, and the first members were inducted by Green Party of Canada deputy leader Georges Laraque when he was here in Barrie in November. We certainly need a few more volunteers, and it helps you live the values! Email us to get started!

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