Job posting: Financial Agent

Barrie Green Party


Financial Agent – Federal & Financial Agent – Provincial


Job Posting


Positions: Financial Agent – Federal & Financial Agent – Provincial


Renumeration: Green Party of Ontario tax receipt


Start date: ASAP


The role of Financial Agent can be held by one, or two people. The Financial Agent – Federal & Financial Agent – Provincial report to the Executive Board on a generally monthly basis. At the end of the fiscal year (Dec 31st) this job will require quite a few hours to prepare the return to Elections Canada and/or Elections Ontario. The returns are audited by a licensed accountant. Otherwise during the year the position requires a few hours a week focused on it.



  • Prepare and file the annual return with Elections Canada and/or Elections Ontario

  • Issue federal tax receipts

  • Report provincial donations to the Green Party of Ontario

  • Issue cheques for expenses


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  • Deposit donations

  • Keep accurate records of donations and expenses

  • Attend monthly Executive Board meetings

  • Other duties per training and guidelines


No previous experience is necessary, although it would be ideal. Please apply in confidence via email. A resume is not required, just a letter of interest. We are an equal opportunity organization.


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