Let’s make a difference now. What are you waiting for?


GPO leader Mike Schreiner and a gentlemen from GreenGo Recycling. (Photo credit: BarrieGreens)

Looking for a rewarding experience that actually means something? Then the Barrie Green Party would appreciate your help! Make one of your new year’s resolutions to volunteer with us!

We are currently looking for some members who are willing to make an even bigger difference in the community, and to the Green Party, by joining the executive of your local electoral district association! Be a part of our amazing executive team, and strive to make a difference, and take immediate action for our local community. Share your green values with others!

We are looking for dedicated members, that have the time and the commitment, to do certain tasks that need to be completed and to attend our monthly meetings. Some of the possible duties that would be involved, are participating in events and helping out with fundraisers. This would be a great opportunity to further your leadership skills and to work both independently and in a team environment! Show off your true qualities and talents!

The available positions that we need to be filled in are: Youth Director, Membership Director, Federal Director, Provincial


DSCN0071 (Photo credit: BarrieGreens)

Director, Director of Community Relations and a Director of Communications. Make a difference! We don’t let you go into this blindly, and we go over each position to ensure it is a right fit for you! Curious about what some of the positions involve? Great! Contact us and we would be happy to provide you with the information that you require! If you, or someone you know, would be interested in applying to these positions, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible; and we would be more than happy to provide further information. We hope you will join the Barrie Green Party’s executive, and also volunteer or become a member of our Green Century club program! This will be a fulfilling job you won’t regret!

Do you have any concerns or something else to ask? Then please do not hesitate to contact the Barrie Green Party by emailing us or call at 705-797-0046. We will certainly respond to you as quickly as we can. New members to the Executive will be elected at January’s AGM.

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