Real people and real values

So the Barrie Greens are now on Twitter.

Our Twitter feed represents both the federal and provincial riding associations in Barrie. Mainly because trying to differentiate them would both take too long, and we’d run out of space. Plus in the end, we both want to accomplish the same thing. To elect a Green MP or MPP.

Many of the values are shared by both organizations, even if they are stated differently. The Green Party of Ontario adheres to the 10 Key Values of the US Green Party, whereas the Green Party of Canada adheres to the principles as set out in the Charter of the Global Greens. The difference is like the difference between strawberry or red current jam. They’re both jam, just different flavours.

So when we post something, I try to keep it under the general purview of those values.

1. Ecological wisdom – I will try to share posts and tweets relating to ecology and the environment.

2. Social Justice – Things like same-sex marriage news stories will show up in our twitter feed.

3. Participatory Democracy – This one isn’t seen as much so far, but will certainly be part of the feed. You may have already seen a few stories from

4. Non-Violence – I enjoy sharing these, ways people can voice their opinions without raising arms. Especially in the middle east, this can be rare.

5. Sustainability – Let’s see what we can do to make things better.

6. Respect for Diversity – This one will come in ways that I suspect will surprise both you and me.

So keep an eye out, and thanks for your continued support!