Vote Strategic: Vote Green

  1. SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE – Voting Green sends a clear message that the government must focus on Green priorities: Smart Economy, Strong Communities, True Democracy, and improving our shared prosperity while preserving our amazing environmental heritage.
  2. HAVE YOUR VOTE COUNT TWICE – Your vote for the Green Party directs your $2 per year to help get out the Green message. Every vote is important for growing the Green Party.
  3. MAKE THE STRATEGIC CHOICE – The current voting system doesn’t represent
    Canada’s diversity. The Green Party is the only party consistently working for a change to proportional representation. Voting Green ensures the Green Party will be able to improve the democratic system.
  4. ELECT A GREEN – We are about to elect Green MPs. The old parties cling to power by telling you that only they can win so you must vote for them, but they are wrong. No-one owns your vote but you.
  5. BE A LEADER – Green politics is the future and the Green Party is leading the way. All the other parties will eventually follow, but why not be part of the future today?
  6. FREE YOUR VOTE – If you want to see a Greener government, vote Green. Voting for your first choice reverses the corrosive effects of “lesser of two evils” voting. Voting for the best party ensures the best government! 

    It’s Time. Vote Green.

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